What does first class get you on American Airlines?

American Airlines First Class

The most luxurious and expensive class on American Airlines is First Class. People who want the utmost relaxation during the journey should reserve their seats on American Airlines first class and avail of multiple benefits at the same time. The benefits include priority check-in at the airport and additional baggage allowances on flights. The First Class option is available for both domestic and international routes. 

What does 1st class get you on American Airlines?

Before reserving your seats, you must know the amenities you will get by flying on the 1st class of American Airlines. The benefits you can receive on this passenger class are listed below:

  • Best Quality Seats: In the first-class cabin, passengers receive the best quality seats with enough leg space, broad armrests, and headrests. 
  • Priority Boarding: The passengers who reserved flights in the first class receive priority in the boarding group. 
  • Priority Check-In: All the passengers flying on the first class can also obtain priority check-in at the airport for their American Airlines flight. 
  • Meals & Drinks: Complimentary meals and drinks are also available. 
  • Lounge Access: Passengers can get access to the lounge at the airports when flying first class. 

American Airlines First Class Flight Ticket Process

Individuals seeking a seat on First Class can choose to complete the booking either through the website or by calling American Airlines Customer Service. Both the channels and the suitable process have been mentioned below:

Through Website 

The first class booking can be made easily on a preferred flight through the American Airlines website. There are multiple travel class options available, and a person can pick the desired class to complete the booking. Here are the steps that should be followed for the website booking:

  • Head to the main page of American Airlines,
  • You will get the “Book” window on the homepage to input your flight ticket requirements,
  • Click the “Search” key to load the result page,
  • Next, you must view the details of the flight and pick the “First Class” column to book,
  • Then, you will be guided to the traveler’s information page,
  • After entering the traveler’s details as needed,
  • Select a service if you like to add or skip to the payment page,
  • Choose a secure payment option and pay the total fare. 
  • Your booking on First Class with American Airlines will be complete, and the electronic ticket will be sent to your email. 

Through Customer Service

Bookings for the first-class cabin can easily be requested by connecting to an agent at the customer service desk of American Airlines. The agents deliver the right and speedy assistance to travelers and help them book a suitable flight. The procedure you must go through for customer service flight booking is mentioned here:

  • Place the call on the American Airlines Phone number 1 (802) 304-5670 1 (800) 433-7300,
  • Request for a seat booking on the first class as an agent avails on the call,
  • You will have to clearly share the destination and the date requirement with the agent,
  • You will get a few suitable flight options to book with American Airlines,
  • As you select a flight, the agent will proceed with the booking procedure and take the mandatory details,
  • You are obligated to ask for any special service for your journey from the agent,
  • Once the details are entered, you should make the payment through the received link on your number,
  • After that, you will get the confirmation of booking on first class with American Airlines along with the e-ticket. 

Does American Airlines first class have flat beds?

Yes, American Airlines first class does provide flat beds for travelers. However, the flat beds are only available in the Flagship Suite, which is reserved when flying to an international destination. The planes at American Airlines that offer the flat beds option are Boeing 777-200, 777-300, 787-8 and 787-9, and Airbus A321T.

Do you get free drinks on American first class?

Yes, passengers will get free drinks when traveling on the American Airlines first class on both domestic and international routes. These complimentary drinks include beer, wine, and spirits.

What is free in first class?

Several things are free and complimentary when traveling in First Class with American Airlines. Some of the things you will get during your first class journey as a complimentary service are free entertainment in-flight, meals and drinks, premium lounge access at the airport, a sleeping kit for long-haul flights, and premium assistance at the airport. 

Can you keep the blankets in first class American Airlines?

No, one cannot keep the blankets received during the air journey in first class on American Airlines. The blankets and pillows are provided to the passengers for comfort and are exclusively for use on the plane.