Can I Get a Refund from United Airlines?

The transactional bumps are often pretty difficult to tackle. Especially, airborne refund claims are very hectic and complex if you do not claim a refund from the dedicated refund support platform. For flight reservations purchased from the United sales desk, any cancellation you make can get you a free refund against the ticket fare. To gain more thorough information on United Airlines Refund Policy, read the below terms and conditions:

  1. United Airlines initiates a full refund for every cancelation made within 24 hours of the ticket reservation without having to pay an applicable change fee. 
  2. Refunds credited against the credit card payments take 7 business days to show in your bank account. 
  3. Cash payments or payment via any other online payment service are refunded within 20 business days after canceling a flight. 
  4. All refunds are credited back only to the source payment account. 
  5. Only refundable tickets are entitled to a refund at United Airlines if the flight is canceled at least 7 days before the scheduled departure. 
  6. You can request a refund or compensation in case if you're denied boarding involuntarily. 

The above policy explains the valid terms and conditions you need to comply with when looking for a refund at United. You can use the following United Airlines Refund Procedure to get a full refund:

  • Go to for the secluded My Trips service. 
  • Open My Trips and login to your account for a prompted step-to-step cancellation process. 
  • Once you are done canceling a flight, apply for a refund using the dedicated Refund request form and fill out the description of the reason for canceling your United flight. 
  • Provide relevant documents to support your refund request. 
  • Submit your request for a response from an executive at United. Or, 
  • Dial the helpline number for United Customer Support: 1 800 846 8331 or +1 80 2538 7008 for a live agent's assistance. This helpline number will give you the following customer service options in the first IVR menu you listen to on the call:
  1. Press # to reserve a new flight. 
  2. Press * to get My Trips assistance. 
  3. Then, Press 2 to cancel a flight. 
  4. Press 4 to get a refund at United. Then, press 1 to check your refund status. 
  5. Press 9 to get a live executive on call. 

Does United do fully refundable tickets?

Yes, United does initiate a full refund against your flight fare for every cancelation at United within 24 hours of the flight booking. The airline's 24-hour refund policy and booking policy do provide written facts to guide you into getting a full refund at United. 

Does United Airlines have 24-hour refund?

United Airlines' 24-hour refund policy states that airlines have a 24-hour refund against all refundable bookings, provided that you cancel a flight at least 7 days before the scheduled departure. 

How do I know if my United ticket is refundable?

You can check if your United ticket is refundable from the information you received at United while booking the flight. Go through the flight confirmation mail and attached ticket, or contact United customer support to know if you booked a refundable ticket at United or not.