Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy | Seat Selection Fee

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

If you are flying with Turkish Airlines and want to sit next to your family, or friends, then there are some policies associated with Turkish Airlines seat selection, which are mentioned below;

  • If you have a business class ticket, you are eligible to change your seat without paying any charges before the check-in period. 
  • If you have a holding ticket, then you are eligible for paid seat selection. 
  • Passengers with mobility impairment can have an aisle or window side seat to give space for an emergency exit. 
  • You can not book an emergency exit seat if you have an infant or pet with you, or have any movement disability.

How can I select the seat on Turkish Airlines?

Seating next to your loved ones can make your journey smooth and enjoyable, so if you want to select a seat on Turkish Airlines, then here are some common platforms to request seat selection; 

Call the airline number: You can easily select a seat according to your requirements by requesting an agent, who will guide you further about seat selection. You have to call the Turkish Airlines phone number +1 802 304 5670(OTA) / +1800 874 8875, where you have to listen to some IVR options, then press the button accordingly and wait for an executive to connect. 

Try the online method: You can also choose a seat with the help of the online method, which is the most comfortable way for seat selection. To use the online method, you have to go through these procedures;

  • Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines and go to the seat selection page. 
  • Now log in with your ticket number and passenger surname. 
  • Choose the seat on the seat map and make the payment. 

Can I select seats on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can select seats on Turkish Airlines through various methods including phone numbers, online methods, and visiting the nearest office desk where you can get Turkish Airlines customer service who will guide you to select seats accordingly. 

How to choose the seat on Turkish Airlines?

You can choose the seat on Turkish Airlines by meeting an advisor face-to-face at the local airport office, where you have to give your booking reference number to a customer agent and request them to provide a seat next to your family or friends. 

Can you select seats on Turkish Airlines for free?

Yes, you can select seats on Turkish Airlines for free, if you have a business class ticket, but it is eligible up to the check-in duration. Once your boarding pass is generated, seat selections are not available. 

What are economy seats like on Turkish Airlines?

If you are booking an economy seat on Turkish Airlines, then there are some properties you will get while traveling like you will get a seat with a 79 cm knee room that can be reclined for 15 cm. If you have a long-distance flight, you will get a 45cm seat width to relax while traveling. They have four-direction head support, adjustable foot support, USB inputs between seats, battery charging facilities, personal desktops, and more while flying.