Spirit Airlines baggage fees and Policy

Detailed Guide About Spirit Airlines baggage fees and Policy

Every airline needs to comply with the flying rules to keep the travel safe. To achieve this, the airline has framed certain rules and limits on the baggage dimensions that are allowed on board. 

How much is baggage allowed on spirit airlines? 

The rule is set up on a per-person basis; hence, as per the Spirit Airlines baggage policy, the weight of the luggage should not exceed 40 pounds per person. When a passenger crosses this limit, they need to pay the fine for carrying the extra luggage. 

What is Spirit Airlines baggage policy?

The airline follows the below-mentioned points to exercise the baggage policy as per the official rules.

  • Every passenger is allowed to carry one cabin bag for free. 

  • You could either take a smaller personal bag of dimensions 45 x 35 x 20cm or take the carry-on bag; only one is free. To carry both, you would pay a fee.  

  • Dimensions for free carry-on should not go beyond 56 x 46 x 25cm.

  • Each passenger is allowed to check-in at a max of 40 pounds of luggage, and beyond this value, the airline will apply the fine. 

  • The number of bags you can check-in for free depends on the class of your ticket. Some ticket classes allow more free baggage than others. 

What are Spirit Airlines' baggage fees?

You can expect the Spirit Airlines baggage fees to be determined based on the excess weight they induce and the excess space they take up. Following values are based on excess of Kg(weight) and cm(dimension).

  • 18 to 23Kg : $35

  • 23 to 32 kg: $60

  • 32 to 45 Kg: $100

  • 158-203 cm: $100

  • Above 203 cm: $150

In addition to this, other special bags that cost a fee are:

  • Bicycle: $75

  • Surfboard : $100

  • Golf Clubs: The charge is the same as the excess baggage and depends on excess weight and space occupied. 

  • Ski and Snowboards: Same rule as that of Golf Clubs. 

Avoid paying the baggage fees on Spirit Airlines

The Spirit Airlines baggage policy can allow you to reduce your baggage fee:

  • Join the $9 fair club. Members get up to 50% off on baggage check-in and extra baggage. 

  • Use travel cards that offer rewards. You can convert these rewards afterward for a better deal.

  • Pay for luggage during booking. The charges are the least at this time. 

  • Pack only the essentials in the free carry bag. 

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for baggage?

Airlines allow only one free baggage. Afterward, you pay for every extra bag you check-in. 

  • If you take both the personal bag and the carry-on bag, you pay between $37 to $65. 

  • The cost of the first checked-in bag varies between $26 to $45.

  • For the second checked-in bag, the fee is $36-$55.

  • And for the third bag, it goes from $81 to $100.