Qatar Airways Baggage Policy | Baggage Limit, Fees

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

Qatar Airways is one of the primary air carriers in the Middle East region and operates from the state of Qatar. Flying with Qatar flights to new destinations will be seamless only when you know about the baggage allowance. Though, you can find out all the crucial Qatar Airways Baggage Policy from the information below. Qatar baggage rules will decide which bag types are allowed, along with its correct sizes and weights. Travelers will be charged accordingly if they try to travel with some additional bag size or weight.

Qatar Baggage rules for Economy class:

Qatar allows economy-class tickets with some baggage allowance, which you should know about before traveling. You can even follow the table below to learn about Qatar baggage rules in economy class.                                                                  

   Economy Lite Economy Classic Economy Convenience Economy Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations            20Kg          25 Kg       30 Kg        35 Kg
Flights to/from Africa or Americas                  

     1 piece, 23 kg                  each                

    2 piece, 23 kg               each 

     2 piece, 23 kg                  each

    2 piece, 23kg            each
Hand baggage              1 piece, 7 kg     1 piece, 7 kg     1 piece, 7 kg    1 piece, 7 kg

Qatar Baggage Principles for Business Class:

Qatar's baggage allowance is mainly based on routes and class types. Before traveling to any place in Business class, you should contact Qatar Airways Phone Number, at 1 802 304 5670 / +1-877-777-2827, and inquire about the baggage limit. However, the exact baggage limit for Business class is highlighted in table format.

   Business Lite Business Classic Business Convenience Business    Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations           40 Kg       40 Kg          40 Kg         40 Kg
Flights to/from  Africa or Americas          2 piece, 32 kg                 each         2 piece, 32 kg               each      2 piece, 32 kg                    each      2 piece,32kg                 each
Hand baggage     2 pieces, 15 kg                 total          2 pieces, 15 kg                total           2 pieces, 15 kg                     total          2 pieces,15kg               total      

Qatar Baggage policy for First class:

You will find more baggage allowance when you want to travel with Qatars flight class tickets than Economy and Business class tickets. Further, the correct baggage allowance for the first class is depicted in steps:

                First Lite 
Flights to/from all destinations                  50 Kg
Flights to/from Africa or Americas       2 pieces, 32 kg each
Hand baggage       2 pieces, 15 kg total 

How much baggage is actually allowed on Qatar Airways?

The baggage allowance on Qatar Airways flights is purely based on the passengers' class and route types. Qatar allows only one bag for economy-class passengers for free. Similarly, First and Business-class passengers can carry up to two pieces of baggage at no additional charge. However, the weight of the allowable baggage will also vary, and by reaching Qatar Airways customer service agents, you can quickly figure out the exact baggage quantity and its permissible weight for a simple journey.

What is the correct baggage limit for Qatar Airways?

Every available class and destination allows travelers to choose different baggage limits when they travel with Qatar flights. Usually, economy class travelers can carry up to approximately 20 Kg to 35 Kg on all routes. Similarly, First and Business-class travelers on Qatar Airways are allowed around 40 to 50g.