Qatar airways Baggage policy

Qatar airways Baggage policy 

For travelers today, it has become a part of their life to go on a trip to different locations. Suppose the tickets have been booked on Qatar Airways, and now passengers have to know about the airline's baggage policies. Qatar Airways is considered one of the finest airlines in the whole Middle East. When it comes to getting the information about the Baggage, passengers have to go through their terms and conditions according to the allowed luggage.

How much baggage can I take on Qatar Airways?

To know the exact amount of baggage passengers can take with them, passengers have to go through qatar airways baggage policy. The airline renders these policies for their passengers to avoid mistakes, and they do not take the extra baggage with them. 

Here are Qatar Airways baggage policies:

  • Baggage allowance on Qatar Airways for international flights: 

Those passengers who have booked their flight tickets on Qatar Airways can only take two pieces of check-in baggage, which should be 23 kg each.

Business-class passengers have the liberty to take 32 kg baggage for every two bags.

The first-class elite member of the passengers can take around 50 kgs of two bags.

  • For the hand baggage:

The economy class passengers can take around 7kg bags, briefcases, or purses with them as carry-on luggage.

The business class members or travelers can take carry-on baggage of around bags that should be 15 kgs each.

The elite first-class travelers can take two bags of around 33 kgs total.

  • There will be extra fees for the extra baggage other than it. The fees are according to the weight of the baggage and how they will be paid. All the fee instructions are given below:
  • For the extra piece of luggage: if passengers are paying offline, they have to pay $250, and th online, it is around $200.
  • For the luggage more than the weight of 23 to 32 kgs: if the passengers are carrying more weighing luggage, the customer has to pay $65 for th online payment, and for the offline, they have to pay around $50. 

How much luggage can I take on Qatar Airways?

For those passengers who want to know the universal amount of the weight that they can carry with them on Qatar Airways, then they can go through the baggage instructions mentioned in the below section:

For the carry-on luggage: there are certain weights of the luggage that passengers can carry with them on the aircraft or flight, and they are as follows:

  • If travelers are traveling in first class, they can take two bags that should not exceed 50x37x25 cm each.
  • For travelers who have business class tickets, there are two carry-on baggage passengers can take with them, which should not be more than 50x37x25cm.
  • They are allowed only to take one bag with them for the economy class.

For the checked baggage: the rules for the checked baggage are mentioned in the below section:

  • For the economy class, the allowance is around 30kg.
  • For the business class, the allowance allowed is 40 kg.
  • For the first class, the baggage allowance is 50kg. 

How many kg baggage is allowed in Qatar Airways?

There are different weightage for each bag that the travelers will carry with them according to the flight tickets they have booked. To know the exact amount of qatar airways baggage allowance, passengers have to look for their carry-on as well as the check-in baggage.