Latam Airlines Check-in Policy | Boarding Time

To get the boarding pass for your upcoming flight, you must check in with LATAM. You can use multiple ways to check in and also choose your seat for free. Read the LATAM Airlines check-in policy to get details regarding the timing and their rules. If you still have any questions then speak to customer service.

Latam Airlines Check-in Policy:

  • The check-in through the airport counter or Kiosk starts at 3 to 2 hours prior to the flight.
  • Get the boarding pass 48 hours before the departure through the online check-in.
  • The passengers are not able to board the flight unless they complete the check-in
  • If you have booked special assistance, then arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the time.
  • Passengers are allowed to upgrade or change their seats at the time of check-in.

How do I check in with Latam?

There are only three possible ways through which you can check-in for the LATAM flight. To get further information regarding them, go through the following information:

Via web check-in - The quickest way to get the boarding pass and check-in with LATAM is through the web check-in on the official website or the mobile app. You need to mention the necessary information and follow the steps. Below is the complete instructions to use the online check-in mode:

  • Go to the LATAM official webpage.
  • Hit the “Check-in” button from the menu.
  • Write down your “Booking Code” and “Last Name”
  • Then, choose from the available seats and provide the required details.
  • After that, download a copy of the boarding pass.

Via Self Kiosk - You can also use the Kiosk device at the airport to check in for the flight. Mention the required flight details on the screen and pick the preferred seat. Then the device will provide you with the boarding pass. If you want to use Kiosk for check-in then it is recommended that you arrive at the airport 2 hours before the booking.

Via check-in counter - The last option is to check in through the airline's counter at the airport. Provide your booking information and the representative will complete your check-in process and you can collect the boarding pass. You can also communicate with LATAM Airlines customer service for any queries, related to the airline or their service 

How early can you check in with Latam Airlines?

Passengers who do not wish to stand in the long queues at the airport can check in early with LATAM Airlines and get their boarding pass 48 hours before the flight through the web check-in. Any passenger can use this method by using their official webpage or the mobile application.

Can I check in at the airport with Latam Airlines?

LATAM Airlines allows you to check in at the airport through their counters. If you have any carry-on baggage or request special assistance, then arrive a few hours early.  Reach the airport 3 hours before flying to an international destination and 2 hours prior to the flight timing when flying domestically. Use the LATAM Airlines phone number 1 802 304 5670 to get information on the current flight status.