Latam Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy | Fee Refund

Latam Airlines Cancellation Policy 

As uncertainty is a part of life, there are many instances, when the passengers need to cancel their booked trips. These situations can be rather confusing, but the Latam Airlines Cancellation Policy has come to the rescue. So, to avoid such troubles, you can go through the following guidelines–

  • Within the 24-hour time period after booking, every cancellation is cost free, regardless of the purchased fare.
  • If you want to nullify your reservation after the given timeframe, a penalty will be deducted.
  • For Passengers with Memberships, the service of flight cancellation is available for free.
  • If your booking is nullified by the airline itself, you can claim free-revocation of the substitute flight.

Latam Airlines Refund Policy 

Another serious concern which is raised by the flyers with Latam is regarding the refund, which can be easily cleared up beforehand by the Latam Airlines Refund Policy, which are mentioned below–

  • According to the 24-hour policy, a full refund can be claimed after the process of cancellation is completed.
  • In case you have nullified your reservation after 24-hours, you will be receiving money after the deduction of penalties.
  • The above-mentioned conditions are applicable only for refundable tickets.
  • If you have booked non-refundable fares, no refund will be provided, instead a voucher will be allotted.

How to Cancel the Latam Airlines Flight? 

By Latam Airlines, different methods have been laid out, through which a booked flight can be revoked, like online and offline. For a better understanding about the process, take a look at given data–

Cancel your Latam Flight online–

The most convenient way to nullify any booking is by opting for the online-method and receiving a confirmation instantly. You can find this feature on the official website, and for your reference the steps have been given below:

  • First visit the Latam official website and select the “my Trips” option.
  • Then choose the “Manage Booking” Tab and enter your booking reference and last name.
  • You can go through the provided flight-details and tap on “Flight Cancellation” Option.

Visit Latam Airport for a flight cancellation–

For a hassle-free revocation of your reservation, you can directly visit the ticket-counter at the assigned airport. After providing the required details, the Latam Airlines Customer service Agent, present at the counter, will cancel your booking at the same time and the confirmation will be provided.

Can I get a refund from LATAM Airlines?

Yes, you can receive a refund from LATAM Airlines, but only according to the formulated policies, and therefore it is better to keep them in mind, while requesting for money back.

How do I get compensation from Latam?

In case of flight delays or cancellation without prior notice, you have the option to claim compensation from Latam. You can give a call on the Latam Airlines Phone number, 1 802 304 5670 / 1 866 435 9526 and speak to an executive regarding the compensation. 

 Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight?

Yes, among all the other benefits by Latam, you can also receive a full refund, but only when certain conditions are fulfilled, like 24-hour policy or when cancellation is done by the airline itself.