KLM Airlines Baggage Policy | luggage Charges, Carry-on

KLM Airlines Baggage Policy

KLM provides the most comfort to its passengers by giving them baggage allowances. After that, everyone can carry their belongings on a trip without hassle. The airline has made a policy so that each baggage item gets priority on the flight according to shape and size. 

  • According to the KLM Airlines baggage policy, the airline authority's baggage dimension depends on the different cabin classes. If it is economy class, then one item of hand baggage with minimum dimensions of 55x35x25 cm, including handles and wheels, and one accessory like a small handbag or laptop bag with a maximum size of 40x30x15cm. 
  • As per the rule, the cabin crew will not assist in keeping the luggage in the overhead bins, barring certain exceptions. 
  • If it is a premium comfort class, then 2two items of hand baggage with the exact dimensions as mentioned above and 1 one accessorize. On the other hand, business class baggage allowance permits 2two items of hand baggage with a maximum size of 55x35x25 cm, including handles and wheels. The hand baggage weight can be combined up to 18 kg. 
  • If you have a baby, the maximum baggage allowance permits one extra item weighing up to 12 kg and a maximum size of up to 55x35x25cm. 
  • Some restricted items are not allowed inside flights, such as too many lithium batteries, e-cigarette chemical substances, and so on; check the prohibited items on the official site of the airlines.
  • Any unique items included in the trip must be informed to the KLM Airlines customer service 18004193044 so the team can verify the details and make all the facilities available before reaching the airport. 

How many bags does KLM allow on international flights?

As per the baggage allowance, one item of checked baggage, up to 158 cm, including handles and wheels up to the maximum weight of 23 kg, will be allowed. There are some routes on which one additional checked bag is permitted on top of the regular allowance. 

  • If it is business class, then two items of checked baggage are allowed, and each bag must be up to 158 cm ( length + breadth+ height), including handles and wheels, with a maximum weight of 32 kg.
  • If the passenger is on a light ticket in business class, then 1 item of checked luggage is allowed with a maximum weight of 32 kg. 
  • According to the baggage allowance, the kids are allowed with 1 item up to 10 kg. 
  • The airline has been informed that the team will refuse the baggage with the packing or shape, which can cause damage or block the baggage handling system. 

How much does KLM charge for checked baggage?

KLM charges for checked baggage up to 23 kg, which costs 25$ and 75$ on flights within Europe, and if it is an intercontinental flight, it costs between 30$ and 240$. 

For baggage allowance, contact KLM Airlines phone number 1 802 304 5670 / 1800 419 3044 and get the best possible information from the professional executive of the customer service team. The team will provide the best possible guidance and then resolve the issue altogether.