How to access google trips?

How to access google trips?

Google offers a platform where passengers can find and plan trips in order to travel across the world. People can follow the inclusions of this article in order to contemplate Google trips and their related aspects. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Google Trips for you. 

What’s Google Trip? 

Google has come up with an interesting platform to offer a service to consumers where they are able to plan a trip for themselves. Google recently changed the platform's name from Google Trips to Google Travel. 

Formerly, Google launched the mobile application (Google trips) in 2016 for Android and iOS platforms, however, it was revoked in the year 2019 and since then is functioning as a travel website that is available online via web browsers. One can access ‘Google Travel’ for finding Google Flights and Google hotels. It functions as a Trip Planner and people are able to plan a vacation for themselves using Google trips. Google Travel offers a sleek organization of all your travel plans and upcoming hotels and flight reservations in one place. 


How to use Google Trips? 

It is easy to find and manage your trip using Google Travel (formerly Google Trips) website. People can find and manage their trips online using the Google Travel platform available via Google search and Google map applications. 

Google trip allows users to get their hands on the following information: 

  • Upcoming trip reservations and bookings. 

  • Travel research for upcoming trips. 

  • Suggestions for trip destinations. 

  • Information from past trips and travel. 

  • Any recent travel activity. 

Use Google Trips for editing trip details

  • First and foremost, passengers need to sign in to their right Google account. 

  • Next, visit the following link:

  • Passengers need to scroll down until they find their trip. 

  • Select the ‘More’ option once your find your trip. 

  • Hit the ‘Edit’ trip option on the page to make the following changes to your Google trip: name of your trip, destination(s), trip description, travel dates, etc. 

Use Google Trips for editing your reservations

  • Similarly, people can also edit their reservations by selecting the ‘Edit’ option available next to their reservation on  

  • You can change any detail on your reservation such as flight, car, or hotel. 

  • Finally, save the changes made by you by confirming the change on the Trips page. 


Use Google Trips for adding notes to your trip


  • People need to use the right Google account and must-visit

  • Find your trip on the page and then tap on the trip image. 

  • You can locate a down arrow ⬇️. Tap on this to expand your reservation. 

  • Select the ‘Add note’ option on the page. 

  • Write your note and add it where required. Finally, hit the save option. 

How do I get Google Trips? 

Earlier, people were able to download the Google Trips application released by Google using their android or iOS devices as the application was readily available on the Play Store and App Store respectively. However, the case is not the same now as Google withdrew the Google Trips application in the year 2019. 

Today, people can still access Google Travel (formerly, Google Trips) using the new Google Travel web app. The Google travel web application cannot be downloaded and one can only use it on their web browser to search for trips, hotels, and flights. 

How to find Trip details within Google search? 

Passengers can use the step-by-step guide mentioned below if they are looking for ways to find their trip details within Google search: 

  • Firstly, passengers need to visit the following link in order to access Google Trips:

  • People can locate the ‘Trips’ option on the left-hand side of their computer screen. 

  • Make sure you are logged into the correct Gmail account before accessing the Google travel page. This will ensure that the ‘Trips’ section on is able to pull out your travel reservations so that you’re able to find trip details within Google search. 

Alternatively, individuals can also launch a Google search for their trips by looking for ‘My Trips’. This will showcase all your upcoming travel plans on the screen. Select any reservation to further get the reservation details of that particular booking. 

Pro tip: People can find Google trips details within Google search by logging in and using the same Google account they used while making travel reservations.