How do I pick my seats on United Airlines?

How do I pick my seats on United Airlines? 

United Airlines is one of the famous airlines that always ensures its passengers have an incredible and comfortable journey. When you book a ticket with United Airlines, they assign seats to its passengers before boarding. However, if you want to pick any desired seats, they also allow you to do so. You can choose seats on most United and United-operated flights in all the cabins, with Basic Economy being an exception.

You can select your seat when booking on or via mobile app, via the My Trip section after purchasing a ticket, or during online check-in or Kiosk check-in at the airport. The article contains further information about the United seat selection policy, process, fee, etc. Take a look 

How do I select my seats on United Airlines? 

In case you miss the seat selection during the booking and want to pick the seats later with United Airlines, here are the various options and detailed procedures you can follow: 

Seat Selection Online: 

  • On the United Airlines website, go to the 'My Trip' section
  • Find the trip by providing the confirmation number and surname 
  • Select the ticket for seat selection and proceed with seat selection options
  • You will see the seat map and make your desired seat selection 
  • You might also need to pay for it based on the seat you selected 
  • Once done, you will receive a confirmation soon with seat information 

Select seats by phone: 

You can also call the United Airlines phone number 1 802 304 567(travelagent) / 1 800 864 8331 and request the team to make a seat selection on your behalf. Provide your booking details to the United representative when connected and confirm the seat you wish to select. They will book the seat for you based on availability, and you can pay for it online. 

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy 

  • As per the seat selection policy, you can select your preferred seats or desired when booking the flight ticket, after booking via My Trip, and at check-in time. If you don't make any selections the united airlines will assign you a random seat. 
  • The United seat selection policy is subject to availability, so you must choose your seats as soon as possible. 
  • You can pick your preferred seats and change the assignment until you don't have a basic economy ticket. If you hold a Basic Economy ticket, you can purchase seats of your choice when booking or when check-in opens. 
  • You don't need to pay for the preferred seats if you are a MileagePlus member with Premier status. 

United Airlines seat selection fee:

The seat selection fee is based on various factors including the route, distance, fare condition, etc. You can reach out to the United Airlines representative directly about the exact cost. 


The details above will guide you on how to pick seats with United Airlines, various terms and conditions, and the selection fee. If more information is required or you still have problems, contact United Airlines customer service directly. You can also explore the United Airlines website for additional seat selection details and valuable links.