How do I pick my seat on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines Seat Selection

There are many travelers who travel via Southwest Airlines and have confusion regarding Southwest Airlines Seat Selection procedure and policies. If you are one of those travelers who is wondering whether an airline permits early seat selection or not, then you must note that Southwest does not enable travelers to pick their seats; rather airline has maintained different boarding groups through which they are assigned seats on the basis of their boarding. You can go through the elaborate information presented below to get away from all the doubts regarding Southwest Airlines' seat selection and assignment.

Can you pick your seats on Southwest Airlines? 

Southwest Airlines supports open seating options for passengers, which means travelers have the option of saving seats according to their preferences. The once who board the flight first have the opportunity to select their seats. Other travelers also have the possibility to get the saved seats if they board the flight early and succeed to a convenience seat holder. 

How do I pick my seat on Southwest Airlines? 

Travelers who are looking about the process to book their preferred seat on Southwest can either communicate with Southwest Airlines customer service and mention their seat requirement to get the most suited option. Apart from this, customers can upgrade their boarding group using the online steps given below to pick their preferred seat option. This option is available if 24 hours is remaining flight-departure. 

  • Visit the official Southwest Airlines website. 
  • Click on the "Manage reservation" option.
  • You need to fill in the traveler's information and ticket number to find your ticket.
  • As you get your ticket, click on "upgrade boarding group."
  • Once you are displayed all the boarding options available, select the most preferd.
  • Now, travelers are required to pay additional charges to upgrade their boarding groups. 
  • Save the changes. 

Southwest Airlines seat selection policies:

Southwest Airlines has framed a number of policies for seat selection. No matter what, passengers must take note and carefully follow the policies mentioned below carefully in order to get their desired seats: 

  • Travelers can only pick seats on Southwest if there is a vacancy of seats.
  • If any passenger has any medical concern or special need, then he must inform the airline in advance to get the desired seat option.
  • Travelers must carefully note that Southwest Airlines does not allow travelers to pick emergency seats if they do not qualify for the conditions set by the airline.
  • If a group reservation is made for Southwest flights, then seats can be secured near to each other by contacting Southwest customer services. 

Does Southwest Airlines allow Seat Selection?

Yes, Southwest Airlines allow the Seat Selection.There are many travelers who are confused regarding the seat selection method of Southwest Airlines. If you are one among them, then you can approach customer services by dialing the official Southwest Airlines phone number 1 802 304 5670 / 1-800-435-9792 and continue with the auto-generated voice. When a phone call is turned to a representative handling seat allotment, he will answer all the queries if the customers. In case travelers have any specific seat requirement, they can mention it over the phone to get it arranged in advance.