How do I get a full refund from United Airlines?

How do I get a full refund from United Airlines?

The cancellations and changes at United Airlines are fabricated with minimum effort from the passengers. As a matter of fact, so is the refund process. You can get a full refund from United Airlines only if you request the same within 24 hours of your booking window by canceling a flight online from their official Manage Bookings page or by contacting the United Airlines Phone Number: 1 802 304 5670 or 18 800 846 8331 to request a refund from the United Live agent. To understand the procedures in detail, check out the following steps:

  • Visit for United's official website. 
  • Toggle to My Trips and log in to get your canceled flight details. Or,
  • Dial the helpline number and Press 2 for My Trips assistance via the virtual IVR. Or Press 9 to continue the call with a live agent.
  • Both options will get you the same refund option, one online and the other offline. 
  • Use the methods to get a full refund at United. 

United Airlines Refund Policy

Open your United account using the official website of the mobile app and go to My Trips. Log in and select the flight ticket you want to request a refund against. Tap on the refund option on your screen to request a reimbursement from United Airlines Customer Service. If you submit your request within 24 hours of your flight reservation, you will receive a full refund at United. 

What is United Airlines Refund Policy?

The refund policy at United is a set of rules and regulations that they comply with to process their refunds. Here's a surmised overview of the terms and conditions mentioned in the United Airlines Refund Policy:

  • You can request a refund only for the flights booked and canceled at United Airlines. 
  • For every cancelation you make within the 24-hour window, you are entitled to a full refund without any applicable fee. 
  • Passengers requesting a refund outside of the window may incur some basic fare deductions. 
  • All United Refunds are credited back to your source payment account within 7-20 business days upon initiation. 
  • Basic Economy tickets can't be changed but canceled and refunded using the same procedures. 
  • Credit Card payments may be refunded as travel vouchers under certain conditions. 

Bottom Line: United Airlines has achieved outstanding pedestals if you see their improving customer support over time. You can also utilize the free support for any sort of ambiguities right away.