How do I change my name in Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines Name Change Policy 

Copa Airlines is very strict with its rules & regulations and does not give many choices to their passengers. If you have entered the name incorrectly on the flight ticket, then they only get one chance to correct it. You can correct the name on the ticket through the online method or by calling the phone number. To get any additional details, read the name change policy. For any help or information, do not hesitate to contact Copa Airlines Customer Service +1 (802) 304 5670, as they are available to guide you. Get to their official website for any further information on the airline:

Copa Airlines Name change policy:

  • No part of your ticket has to be used.
  • The airline allows only one name correction per ticket.
  • Only three character changes are possible on the first and last name.
  • Passengers need to provide the relevant documents to change the name on the flight ticket.
  • To make the changes to the name, use the official web page or call the airline’s customer service number. 

Possible mediums to change the name on Copa Airlines ticket

There are two quick possible mediums available to change the name on a Copa Airlines ticket. You can read the given information to learn more about these methods and their process:

Via Official website - Use the official website of Copa Airlines to make changes to your flight ticket. You need to type the relevant booking details and provide a document for proof to make the correction. Below are the instructions to change the name on your ticket via the official website:

  • Open the Copa Airlines website on any browser.
  • Head to the “My trips” section.
  • Provide the “Reservation Code” and “Last name.”
  • Choose the option to change the name on the ticket.
  • Fill out the relevant details on the form and provide a copy of your passport or any document for proof.
  • Pay the final amount, and you have to save the new ticket on your device.

Via Phone call - You can also call the Copa Airlines Phone number +1 (802) 304 5670 to make the correction on your ticket. When you get in touch with a live person, they will assist you with the name change and also answer your questions. Follow through the given steps to use the phone call method:

  • Place a phone call to the Copa Airlines telephone number +1 (802) 304 5670.
  • Pick a language from the options and choose the IVR to change on the ticket.
  • After that, you need to wait until your call gets through with customer service.
  • Discuss the correction you want to make to your ticket and share the relevant documents.
  • The executive will provide the relevant details and make the correction.

What are the name change charges on Copa Airlines?

The charges to change the name on a Copa Airlines ticket vary from $50 to $75, in addition to the applicable taxes and penalty charges, depending upon the ticket fare. You can pay the amount directly via “My Trips” or by visiting their office. For any further assistance or information, get through with customer service.