How do I change my flight date on Copa?

How do I change my flight date on Copa?

When the flight is booked, but because of some personal work, there have been some changes in the plan, and the flight needs to be rescheduled, and you are required to change the flight date. However, for that, you should be well informed about the Copa Airlines Change Flight policy, procedures and the cost that is required. Once you are enlightened about all this information, changing the flight will be quick and convenient. You can contact the customer advisors of the Airline as well to get help with the flight change, and we will discuss all these procedures further.

How do I contact Copa Airlines to change my flight date?

The help center of the Airline can be contacted anytime on the phone, by email, or by getting to the helpdesk available at the Airport. Pick any contact medium that you find convenient, and getting solutions for them will become easy for you. We have discussed all the contact methods below in detail: 

Phone Process:

  • First, you should dial +1 (802) 304 5670 or 1786 840 2672, the customer service phone number, to connect with the executives.
  • Get through the instructions given by an auto-generated voice on call.
  • Then, an IVR menu will be presented with all the available queries.
  • Press the key that is closely connected to the issue you are having.
  • The call will be forwarded to the related department and the representatives will be connected to you.


List of Phone Numbers - Before you start contacting the customer service of the Airline, it is essential to know what are the phone numbers that can connect you with the Airline. We have mentioned some of the country's phone numbers below, and the rest can be taken from the help center of the Airline:

  • USA - +1 (802) 304 56701786 840 2672
  • Costa Rica - (506) 4000 0478
  • Colombia - +57 601 220 5249 / 57 601 320 9090
  • Peru - (511) 700 9098 
  • Canada - 1 647 493 5022
  • Mexico - 52 55 4172 4113 /  (5255) 1516 3319 


Email Address - Mention the ticket details and ask all the queris you have related to the flight change so the executives can help. You can inform the Airline about the problems or issues you are having by contacting them over email. You need to write all the ticket details, queries, suggestions, complaints, or compliments according to the experience you had during the journey. The Airline will be able to make changes or improvements to their services according to the feedback: 


Office Address - 

The Airline can be contacted by getting to the helpdesk of the office. You should provide all the details of the flight and ask the representatives to change the date: 

  • Office Address - Mexico. Ciudad de Mexico; Bld. Manuel Avila Camacho 261, PB, Local B03, Col. Polaco, C.P. 11510, Alcadia Miguel Hidalgo

How the Copa Airlines flight date can be changed online?

We have mentioned the details that will help you to change the flight: 

  • Visit the official website of Copa Airlines.
  • Open the account by adding the flight details.
  • Pick flight change from the Menu.
  • Fill out the form and change the date of the flight.