How can I change my flight date for free?

How can I change my flight date for free?

You change something mainly in a fight; it comes with a price, but you can also change it for free. So if you are aiming to change flights for free, then look on to points which have been stated below:-

Tips to Avoid fee while changing flight

24-hour rule 

When you have your booking with the Airline, there are 24 hours of grace time to change anything for free. That 24 hours of booking also must be done before the prescribed days. Such as some airlines have seven days of the grace period, and some have two days. If you booked your Ticket in that period, you could benefit from free changes. With a 24 hours window, you can also cancel your booking and have a full refund. So when you have crossed the 24-hour rule, look at the below points; you can have other possible ways to get a free date change.

By Airline 

You can have a free date change if the Airline makes the changes, such as if our flight gets canceled by the Airline, and the reason for that cancellation may be any type. If the Airline rebooks the flight, you can apply for date changes for free because it is a fault caused by the Airline. In another scenario, if the flight gets delayed and you don't wish to travel from a delayed flight, you can change your booking and select a different date for free.

By providing an appropriate reason

When you need to change your date for free, you can change it with an appropriate reason, but it depends upon the Airline that they find your reason appropriate for a change. Some airlines allow requests like if you have a medical condition or have an operation the date of travel then by providing details of that, you can get a chance for free. Suppose this is the pandemic situation for safety; the government has issued guidelines related to changes that can be done for free if the rule is still valid, then you can make changes for free. Still, before that, you can consult the Airline's customer service you are traveling with and get the correct information regarding that. 

Depend on the Ticket you purchase

When you have purchased a fare that allows you to make changes, you can do it free of cost. Every Airline has a different type of fare option, and from that, if you have brought a ticket that allows you to make any change in that way, also you can choose for free. As in JetBlue airways, if you have a blue flex ticket, you can make changes almost two hours before flight departure, so if you have purchased the flexible fare like that, you can have free changes.

In this way, you can change the date for free, but for the surety, you can also speak with customer service of that Airline and have appropriate knowledge of when you can make changes for free. Thus by referring to this article, you have answers to queries like how can I change my flight or date for free.