Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy | Carry-on, Charges

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

As part of the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy, you can easily make your travel seamless for the booking that has been made. The pointers that you need to adhere to carry the baggage are as follows:

  • You are allowed to carry one personal item that needs to be in the dimensional range of 14 "H X 18 "W X 8 "D, including handles and wheels. All the personal items need to fit in the bag that you carry. It can be purses, totes, briefcases, bags for computers, and backpacks for kids. 
  • The carry-on baggage should not be bigger than 24" tall, 10" wide, and 16" long, which includes the wheels, handles, and straps, and the weight should not be more than 35 pounds. 
  • All the checked baggage with the airline needs to have a total dimension of 62 linear inches, wherein the total weight of the bag should not be more than 40 pounds.
  • If the bags tend to be overweight, 100 pounds or more, the airline will not accept the baggage for the trip you intend to take. 
  • The airline charges a fee for the checked and carry-on baggage which is nonrefundable. Additional weight is applied to oversized baggage per bag. 

What baggage does Frontier allow for free?

As part of  Frontier Airlines Customer service, you are allowed to take one personal item in the airline for free. The carry-on and checked bags need to be purchased as part of the reservation you made. The price for the bag would vary depending on the bag size, dimension, and the weight. 

How much does Frontier Airlines charge for a carry-on bag?

In the case of a carry-on bag with Frontier Airlines, you need to make a payment of 34 USD to 40 USD on average, which can change depending on the dimensional specifications and the weight of the bag. In the case of oversized checked baggage, you would be levied a total of 75 USD per bag. Under conditions that the checked baggage is overweight, you need to make a payment of 50 USD to 100 USD per bag. All these charges as part of the baggage fee are not refundable. 

Can you add bags to Frontier after booking?

Yes, it is possible for you to add the bags after making the booking with the airline.This can be easily done via the My Trip link provided with the airline. You would just need to enter in the details of the baggage during the check-in that starts 24 hours before the departure time of the airline. 

Important note:In case you are not able to add bags to Frontier after booking, you can call the airline's team at the Frontier Airlines Phone number 1 802 304 5670(OTA) given. The agent from the team will provide the required help and support so that the issue can be resolved accordingly. 

How to avoid Frontier bag fees?

You can avoid the bag fee if you are a member of the Elite Platinum or Diamond member with additional baggage carrying options. Apart from the same, follow all the baggage policies outlined by the airline.