Does KLM have a first class? - KLM Airlines Premium Seat

Does KLM have a first class?

Before you start making flight bookings with KLM Airlines, having knowledge about their different services, classes, and policies will make it convenient to decide which class will be suitable. If you are thinking of traveling in first class with KLM, then it is not possible as they do not have first-class services. The highest traveling experience they offer ends with Business Class. Whenever any other information about the journey is required, you can contact the KLM Airlines Customer Service, as they will be the best to provide accurate details about the journey, classes, facilities or any other thing related to the flight bookings.

Does KLM have premium economy class?

The highest booking rate KLM receives is in their premium class. Because of the services they provide, it always convinces the travelers about how comfortable the journey would be with premium class reservations. However, let us enlighten you about the KLM Airlines Premium Seat Policy so you do not have to face inconveniences and things could be quick and comfortable: 

  • Seats with Premium Class bookings will be provided in a quiet cabin with just 21 to 28 seats. 
  • It will be completely separated from Economy and Business class, which entertain you with proper privacy.
  • Compared to Standard Economy class seats, more than 17 cm of extra legroom will be provided. 
  • The seats will be able to recline 20 cm more than other seats at the Economy Class. 
  • There will be inbuilt power in seats, so you can charge phones, and laptops.
  • Full entertainment will be provided, where you can watch movies or shows on the screen in front of you. This personal entertainment system would be 13 inches.
  • These seats have 48 to 50 cm of space between armrests, which makes them more comfortable. 
  • These will have movable legs and footrests, which will be best for long-haul journeys. 
  • You will be welcomed on board with a water bottle, pillow, blanket, and headset. 
  • Once you are seated a drink of your choice with a small bite will be given. 
  • Three meals will be given, and you have to choose the one you prefer. In which one meal will be served hot. 
  • This main course meal will go with salad, bread, and butter. 
  • Combine and select the email with suitable wine or liquor. 
  • When it comes to desserts, the airline has ice cream, tea, coffee, and liqueurs to offer. 
  • The airline has a long menu for snacks and beverages; you can choose the one you want and get it throughout the flight. 

What is KLM premium economy called?

The Premium Economy of KLM is called Premium Comfort Class, and whenever you are searching for anything about this class on the airline, you have to address it as Premium Comfort. Other classes such as Economy and Business Class have been found as they are, so you will have no problem making reservations with them. 

How to contact KLM Airlines for help?

If you need to collect information about KLM Classes, then the customer representatives can be contacted. Dial the KLM Airlines Phone number 1 802 304 5670(OTA) / 1(800) 618-0104, so the executives can help instantly.