Does KLM allow pets in cabin?- KLM Pet Policy

KLM Airlines Pet Policy

Have you ever wondered how your trip would become exciting if you were able to bring your pet buddy with you on the flight? Let's take your happiness to cloud nine. You can bring your pet buddy with KLM, but how will you do that? Here on this page, you will learn about the same and some rules associated with KLM Airlines Pet Policy that you must remember before making a reservation at KLM Airlines. You can take this short guide as a handbook and read it any time if there's any doubt, and by the end of this guide, you know what to do.  

Rules and guidelines:

Before knowing the reservation process, one must be aware of the rules and regulations KLM Airlines has offered their customers. 

  • The documents that are required to bring any pet include
    • Health certificate issued by Licensed Veterinarian.
    • All Vaccination certificates, including rabies.
    • Permits of Import and Export may required.
  • There is a pet fee that may be charged by the airlines. Kindly contact KLM to learn the exact fee.
  • The max weight is set to be 8 kg, and the size would be (46 x 28 x 24) cm along with Pet. 
  • Check-in with pets can only be done from the airport. Kindly reach the airport at least 3 hours prior to the KLM scheduled departure. 

Booking Process:

The process of booking a pet in the KLM cabin is easy, both online and offline. Based on your comfort, one can easily use the best approach from themselves.

Online method:

  • Reach out to the official KLM Airlines website and then move to the My Trip tab.
  • Log into your KLM account using your registered credentials, and if you don't have one, just create one.
  • Search your booked flight and then locate the add a pet preservation option.
  • Provide the information that you are asked for correctly.
  • Review it, confirm the details, and then pay your pet reservation fees as applicable to finish the process.

Offline Process

You can call the reservation department by dialing the KLM Airlines Phone Number,1 800 618 0104 or 1 802 304  5670, and then you can speak to the agent. Following the standard calling procedure will ensure that your pet reservation is made smoothly. 

Can you take pets on KLM?

Yes, KLM allows pets on their flight as per the KLM pet policy, which states that you can take only one cat and one dog in the cabin. 

Does KLM allow pets in cabin?

Yes, KLM allows pets with those passengers who are flying in Economy Class and Business Class cabins. Pets are not allowed in Premium Comfort and Business Class cabins. 

What size is a pet in cabin KLM?

To fly with KLM, your pet size must be that much bigger so that you can keep it in your Pet Carrier, which has a max size of 46 cm x 28 cm x 24 cm. 

Final Words.

This article has helped to inform you about the KLM pet policy. If you think you require extra help, reach out to KLM Airlines Customer Service easily and immediately by using contact methods.