Does Copa Airlines have extra legroom seats?

Does Copa Airlines have extra legroom seats?

There are a few passengers who might not feel comfortable around the leg area due to the less space while traveling with Copa Airlines then they can book the extra legroom seat to get a better flight experience. These seats are very less and get filled up quickly, so you might need to select them quickly. To get additional information, give a call to the Copa Airlines phone number 1 802 3045670 and get in touch with a live executive who will provide the answer.

Which seats on Copa Airlines have extra leg space?

There are two different types of extra legroom seats offered by Copa Airlines, and to learn more about them, you can read the given information: 

  • Economy extra seats - These seats offer 3 inches of extra legroom space and are located on the front of the cabin.
  • Emergency exit row seats - Passengers can enjoy an extra 4 inches of legroom space, but there are a few conditions that need to be fulfilled to book these seats 

What are the charges to select an extra legroom seat on Copa Airlines?

The airline offers free seat selection to miles members or any passenger with a disability. To choose a Copa Airlines extra leg space seat, the passenger might have to pay some charges around $40 to $100. If the passenger is still not comfortable, then they still have the option to upgrade their seat to a higher class.

The process to book an extra legroom seat with Copa Airlines

After booking your flight with Copa Airlines, you can select an extra legroom seat 24 hours before the departure at the time of check-in. If you want to get your preferred seat, it is recommended that you complete the check-in process early. Enter the required flight details, and all the available seats will be shown on the screen. Go through the given steps to learn about the complete process:

  • Open the official mobile app or Copa Airlines webpage.
  • Tap on the "Check-in" button.
  • Write down the reservation code and last name.
  • Follow up the steps and select the preferred extra legroom seat as per the availability.
  • Pay the charges for your seat and download the boarding pass.

After reviewing the mentioned details, you must have learned all the necessary information related to the extra legroom space along with the process of booking it. For any questions or assistance, you can always reach out to Copa Airlines customer service, and the executive will answer them.