Does Copa Airlines allow 24 hour cancellation?

Is Copa Airline offering 24 hour cancellation of flight ticket?

Yes, Copa Airline does offer the option of 24-hour cancellation of tickets, which could be made online as well as offline both ways. However, if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the purchase time, then as per the policy, you are eligible to get 100% refunds. But, to gather more information about Copa Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy, then you should be getting through with this below section. 

  • As per Copa Airlines' 24-hour cancellation of ticket flexibility, if you proceed to cancel a ticket after 24 hours from purchase, then pay cancellation charges.
  • Under 24 hours from purchase, cancellation is free. But, if you cancel the ticket 24 hours after the purchase or seven days before scheduled departure, then charges are around $75 to $400, depending on destination and trip type
  • Next point if the cancellation of a ticket is within 24 hours or after this hour and by Copa Airline, then you will have eligibility to get full refunds. 

Moreover, to get more information regarding the cancellation policies, you shall contact Copa Airlines customer services because then you are going to receive a proper set of guidance for reference. 

How to cancel Copa Airlines online?

To learn the procedure that is inclined to cancel an itinerary by online process, read below points for assistance.

  • Visit Copa Airline manage my booking tab on the homepage 
  • Now enter booking reference code and last name of the traveler
  • After you retrieve your flight ticket, tap the cancel option and proceed
  • Next, mention ticket details and choose canceling reason 
  • Describe in under 1000 characters and tap ovesubmit button, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Henceforth, to learn the following process to cancel a ticket, use Copa Airlines' phone number, 1 802 304 5670 or 1-786-840-2672 because then you can talk with the agent directly about the ticket cancellation procedure.