Delta Airlines Pet Policy | Pet Charges on Flight

Accumulate information on Delta Airlines' pet policy

Traveling to the selected destination with Delta Airlines is always a memorable experience as the airline will provide you with plenty of services and facilities. The airlines also understand that most customers do not want to leave their pets alone on a trip, which is why they also provide the option of pet traveling. Through this option, customers can make flight bookings for their pets as well, but for that, they will need to follow certain policies and add the pet to the bookings well before the departure date. In case if any customer does not have information about the Delta Airlines Pet Policy then they will need to go through below. 

What is the Delta Airlines Pet Policy? 

There are several policies provided by Delta Airlines, and pet policies are one of them; having the information about these policies is essential as it will help you know about the box of your pet, breeds which are allowed by the airlines, etc. If you do not have information about Delta Airlines' pet policies, then you will need to go through the information below. 

  • The airlines only allow you to carry the pet if it is a friendly breed; if your pet is a dangerous breed, then you are not allowed to carry the pet.
  • The pet must be in such a cage or bag that can easily fit in the lower seat or upper head bin, in case the dimensions of the cage or box are such that it does not fit the upper head bin then you will need to send your pet via cargo.
  • At the time of booking and while check-in, you have to show all the official and health-related documents to the representatives.
  • The box in which you are carrying your pet must be in such a shape that the pet can easily stand up, turn around, move freely, etc. 

How do I add a pet to my Delta Flight?

If you want to add a pet to your bookings, you will need to make a request using Delta Airlines' online website or by calling a representative at the Delta Airlines phone number 1 802 304 5670 / 1800 2211212. Remember that the request must be made within 24 hours of departure. If you choose the online option, use the points mentioned below.

  • Search for the official website of Delta Airlines. 
  • Then tap over the managed booking option and choose to add special assistance. 
  • Select the pet option and provide details about your pet. 
  • Further, save the information, and if there are any charges, then pay them through any card or online option. 

How much does Delta AirLine charge for pets?

The charges that you will need to pay to add a pet to your bookings will vary according to the destination of the flight. If you are traveling to any domestic destination, you will need to pay between 95 USD and 125 USD, and if you are traveling to an international destination, you will need to pay around 200 USD per pet. You can still communicate with Delta Airlines customer service if you have issues with charges.