Delta Airlines Check-in Policy | Online Check-in

Delta Airlines Check-in Policy

When you have an upcoming flight with Delta Airlines, you must be aware of the different check-in options to obtain your boarding pass and the applicable check-in policies for a seamless experience. This guide will teach you about the Delta Airlines Check-in Policy, different check-in options, and a few more check-in information to help you get on your reserved plane with ease. 

What is Delta's check in policy?

Prior to your flight schedule, you must be aware of the check-in policies that are applied by Delta Airlines so that you can choose the appropriate flight check-in option. The following are the policies that you must know for the Delta flight check-in:

  • The web check-in starts at Delta 24 hours prior to the flight's departure and closes 40 minutes early from boarding time. 
  • Airport check-ins open 3 hours prior to the international flight schedule and 2 hours prior to a domestic flight schedule. 
  • Reservation holders are permitted to modify their tickets, select a seat, or add special assistance until they complete the check-in for the flight. 
  • Delta web check-in allows ten passengers to check in at a time.  
  • When a reservation is made by a third party, they will not be inclined to do a web check-in. 
  • When flying with an infant on a Delta flight, airport check-in is a must. 

Delta Airlines Check-in Policy Option

Below are the Delta Airlines check-in policy options are listed, that you can choose to access your boarding pass for your reserved flight:

  • Web Check-In
  • Airport Desk Check-In 
  • Kiosk Self Check-In 

How does Delta online check-in work?

When someone chooses to do online check-in for their Delta flight, they can receive their boarding pass on their device, which can be shown at the security desk to board the flight. The procedure for online check-in is as follows:

  • Go to the Delta's site and shift to the Check-In tab,
  • Enter your confirmation number and the departure airport to access your trip,
  • Now, put the details as required on the directed page and tap the "Check-In" button to complete the process,
  • The boarding pass will be loaded on the page, which can be downloaded on your device. 

How can I check-in for Delta Airlines Flight?

There two check-in options are available for Delta Airlines flights, which are briefed here:

  • Check-in Counter: A person can opt for the traditional way of check-in, which is from the airport counter, and receive the printed boarding pass. One must reach the airport on time and wait in the check-in queue at the concerned counter. The representative will complete your check-in after verifying your ticket and the required travel documents. 
  • Kiosk Check-In: A Kiosk machine is available at most of the airports for completing self-check-in for Delta flights. You can visit the kiosk machine and enter your ticket details to complete the check-in. For receiving help with the check-in options, you can contact Delta Airlines Customer Service at your pace and avail support. 

Does it matter when you check-in with Delta?

Yes, to experience a hassle-free journey, your check-in time highly matters. One must ensure that they complete their Delta flight check-in 30 minutes in advance of the flight's departing time. At many airports, the check-in counter closes 30 minutes prior to a flight's schedule. The earlier you will complete the check-in, the better seats you will be assigned. 

Can I check in online and still check a bag Delta?

Yes, one can complete the online check-in for their Delta flight and later check their bag at the airport. The separate baggage counters are available for those who have already check-in for their flight, and it will be less time-consuming. For any additional details, you can use the Delta Airlines Phone number +1 802 304 5670 / 1800-221-1212 to get through an official.