Does Copa Airlines charge for seat selection?

Does Copa Airlines charge for seat selection?

After the booking of the tickets has been made, the Airline assigns seats to you randomly. If you do not like the seat assignment, then it can be changed by going through the seat selection procedure.  However, for that, knowing everything related to seat selection, such as the procedure, policy, cost, etc., will make things convenient and quick. Selecting seats will become easy, and sitting with the people with whom you are traveling will not be a big deal. You have to pay a particular amount for the seats, which we are going to discuss with the other details related to the seat selection. 

The amount that will be required to pay for the seat selection with Copa Airlines depends on many things, such as the class, location, type of ticket, and the time the seat has been selected. Charges for getting a seat mainly range from $20 to $55, and the seats for the kids under 12 years old will be provided next to the parents for free. 

What ways can connect you to Copa Airlines for seat selection?

To get the seat selection done, you need to be informed about the multiple contact mediums on which you can ask for help. We have mentioned them below:

  • Phone Process: The best way would be to ask the executives to reserve the seat, and the procedure is mentioned: 
    • Dial 1 802 304 5670 or 1786 840 2672, the customer service phone number to connect with the help center.
    • Listen to the instructions given by a computerized voice on call.
    • Get through the IVR menu carefully with all the problems appearing.
    • Press the key that is holding the seat selection, and the call will be forwarded.
    • The executives will be there to help and provide you with accurate solutions.
  • List of Phone Numbers: The Airlines can be contacted on the phone, and for that, you need to be aware of the contact numbers available. We have mentioned a list of phone numbers of some important countries: 
    • The United States of America- 1 802 304 5670 / 1786 840 2672
    • Costa Rica- (506) 4000 0478
    • Chile- +56 55 25 32 875 / (562) 2573 9318
    • Colombia- +57 601 220 5249 / 57 601 320 9090
    • Mexico- +52 55 4172 4113 / (5255) 1516 3319
    • Peru- (511) 700 9098
  • Email: The Airline is available via email as well to answer and resolve all the queries that you have related to the flight or modifications, such as seat selection. Not just the queries, you can make complaints, submit suggestions, or compliments that will help the Airline to make the required modifications to their services: 
  • Office Address: If the mentioned procedures are not enough and you are having a hard time contacting the customer service executives of the Airline, then you can visit their office. Get to the helpdesk and talk to the executives. Provide them with all the details of your flight so they can access the journey and be able to help more effectively. The address of the office is given below: 
    • Office Addree Puerta Polanco; Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho 261, PB, Local B03, Col. Polanco, CP 11510, Alcaldia Miguel Hidalgo