Can I travel with my pet at Copa Airlines?

How to travel with your pets on copa airlines?

Copa Airlines is an airline from Panama known as the most punctual airline in Latin America. You can easily travel with your pets through the same; all you have to do is to know all the information and the Copa Airline Pet Policy. That will make it easy for you to travel with your pets.

The Copa Airlines pet policies

here are some policies regarding traveling with the pet that you should read before planning for the same;

  • pets less than 16 weeks of age are not accepted.
  • There are only 3 pets are allowed in the main cabin per flight.
  • A passenger can travel only with one pet.
  • The pet should be harmless, odorless, and secured in the pet carrier
  • make sure the pet is vaccinated.
  • The copa airlines allow dogs and cats to travel with you as your pet.
  • Copa Airlines does not transport rabbits.

How to book a ticket when traveling with a pet?

You can book online at the website and by calling Copa Airlines Phone Number 1 802 304 5670 or 1800 359 2672; first, you must ensure your pet is eligible for copa airlines' pet policies. You can go through the booking process as you do and add the pet during the ticket purchase. The booking can be done through various methods mentioned below;

  • you can purchase the ticket online at its website's home page by mentioning the details of where you want to travel to and the, select the time and flight; go with the 'add pet' option and provide them the required details for the same pay the amount and confirm the booking.
  • You can also call Copa Airlines customer service by dialing '1800 359 2672' and ask them to book a ticket with a pet; provide them the required information, and they will proceed with the booking.
  • The other way to make a reservation is by visiting the airport, requesting the same, and they will do the further booking.

Things to keep in mind while check-in with pets:

The pet must be checked in at least 48 hours ago prior to the departure of the flight or at the time of the ticket booking through their sales offices or call center. Contact Copa Airlines customer service if any issues regarding the same.

The cost of traveling with the pets at Copa Airlines

For domestic flights, it is 25 USD; for international flights, it is 125 USD; plus, the applicable taxes are for different countries.