Can I change my ticket with Avianca?- Flight Change Policy

Avianca Airlines Change Policy

Normally, you will see that the flight change processes are quite complex and confusing, but here, Avianca has made its flight change policy simple and flexible so that even a school student can understand it. This article is all about Avianca Airlines Change Policy for its flights and how one can make the change quickly. 

Guidelines: Here are the guidelines for the Avianca change policy and its components. Typically, it has a set of rules for changing a ticket, itinerary, name on the ticket, and seat. 

Ticket Change Policy:

  • Passengers are allowed to make changes through authorized channels.
  • Change requests must be requested in the original way of booking.
  • If Avianca Airlines makes any change in your flight booking and you are unsatisfied, you can request a free claim.  

Itinerary change policy:

  • While making the changes, you will lose all the privileges of the previous flight.
  • It will be difficult to swap a domestic itinerary to an international one so that the guest can contact the support executive.
  • Itinerary change depends on what type of ticket you have purchased. Some require a fee, whereas some are free.

Seat Change Policy:

  • Seat change must be done 24 hours before the flight.
  • Free seat selection is allowed per ticket once later on, but a small fee would be charged.
  • It depends on the ticket type and destination.

Name Change Policy:

  • Typos can be corrected for free, whereas first and last name changes may require a fee.
  • A valid passport, along with another document of proof, would required to submit for verification.
  • Group tickets must be split to new PNR to process name changes. 

Can I change my ticket with Avianca?

The answer is yes. One can easily change the booked ticket if there is a change in plan with Avianca. If you want to make any sudden changes to your flight reservation, Avianca allows you to do so by simply accessing the manage my booking portal online or contacting the Avianca Airlines Customer Service Helpline.

What is the Avianca Airlines Change Policy?

When making changes to your flight itinerary, Avianca Airlines only processes requests that obey its change policy. Below are some of the significant highlights of Avianca's ticket change rules.

  • Avianca Airlines will demand a fee if you violate any of the rules while making the alterations.
  • Avianca is not liable for making the change request when the ticket is purchased from a third party. Please contact your third-party agent or agency.
  • Any change in seat or meals must be made 24 hours before departure because the airline will take time to make the arrangements.
  • If your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, you have the right to claim a refund or rebooking. 

How can I change the flight on Avianca?

Let's understand the process of making the flight change on Avianca Airlines. You will be glad to know that there are numerous ways to do so, which can be categorized into online and offline modes and are explained below.

Online Method: If you quickly want to make an alternative to your Avianca flight ticket, then you can go through the below procedure. 

  • Browse Avianca Airlines' official website over the internet.
  • Log in and jump to the My Booking page.
  • Use the booking info to search your bookings, and select your flight to enter into Manage My Bookings. 
  • Follow the steps as shown on the screen and continue.
  • Finish the process by paying the applicable amount and getting the confirmation.

Offline Method: You can speak to the agent by dialing Avianca Airlines Phone number. Call  +1 802 304 5670 / +1 866 919 0081, and then by following the simple call process, you will be taken to the agent who will process your flight change request within a few minutes.

How much does it cost to change flights from Avianca?

Generally, depending on the free class, travelers will be charged some amount as change fees when they make changes in flight.

  • For Economy Class, the fee is $500 + fare difference. 
  • For Flex Class, the fee is $150 + fare diff.
  • For Promo Class, the fee is $700 + fare diff.

Does Avianca charge to change a flight?

Yes, Avianca charges for changes, but only after the first 24 hours from the ticket booking, and within that time frame, your flight change will be free.

Does Avianca Airlines 24-hour Change Flight?

The good news is that Avianca Airlines offers a 24-hour flight change policy, so anyone can easily change their flight ticket without any fear. Under their 24-hour flight change policy, you are liable to change for free within the risk-free period. Non-refundable tickets are not permitted for free change within 24 hours of booking.