Can I change my ticket on Copa Airlines?

Can I change my ticket on Copa Airlines?

For a better in-flight service, for example, comfortable seats, food and drinks, extra legroom, personal space, etc., in such cases, you can  Copa remains at the top. It has developed on the grounds of being the best traveler-centric airline. All such perks are possible if you change your ticket on Copa Airlines. For that, you must be looking forward to getting Copa Airlines customer service, where the officials will complete the process. So, you are recommended to take a sight of the discussion and find out the ways based on which you can change your ticket;

Explore the modes to change your itinerary on Copa;


Call the official to modify the flight. 

The second method you can consider to change your itinerary is via reqesting the official on a phone call. You have to dial Copa Airlines phone number 1 (802) 304 5670 or 1 786 840 2672, where the official will be assigned who will iron out the issues related to flight change. However, you have to remember a factor that for a communication over a call, you have to listen to some IVRs, and have to choose the one to get a real person.

Change via the official website. ;

You can modify the flight ticket on Copa Airlines merely by visiting its official website. However, there are some more steps you need to consider, and those are the following; please have a look:

  • Visit the official website of Copa Airlines to start the mode.
  • LOcate the section "Manage My Booking" and enter all your ticket credentials, such as PNR Number, date of travel, etc., to find your itinerary.
  • Go to your flight and then the section "Edit my flight." 
  • Make the necessary modifications such as class, seat,  route, etc., and the fees to confirm the bookings.   

Approach the airport and request the executive. 

If you were unable to change your ticket on Copa Airlines via the above-highlighted method, you can consider approaching the executive at the airport. You can ask the executive who will ensure to make modifications on your flight. You may have to incur additional charges on the airline. 

Understand the ticket change policy on Copa Airlines. 

It is often recommended to passengers to be aware of the flight change rules of Copa Airlines you can have an idea on all the charges, rules, and other things. So, delve into the points and understand;

  • If you modify the ticket on Copa in a span of 24 hours, no surcharges will be imposed by the airline. 
  • The flight ticket amendments are subject to the availability of seats.
  • Any difference in fare will be imposed by the passenger only. 
  • In case of flight delays, cancelation, etc., the airline will amend the flight from their end. 
  • If you are an elite class member, you may not be charged to change a ticket on Copa Airlines. 

How to avoid additional charges on Copa for ticket change?

Many people wonder to avoid any surcharges for changing a flight on Copa Airlines. You can do so by changing a flight within 24 hours of the booking. For more information, approach the agents.