Can I bring a dog with Copa Airlines?

Can I bring a dog with Copa Airlines? 

Yes, you can bring a dog with Copa Airlines. Still, you need to make a separate reservation by connecting with the customer service team at Copa Airlines Phone number is 1 802 304 5670 or 17868402672, available 24 hours a day. You can provide your pet's details to the airline team. The team will add your pet to your flight booking and then pay the charges to confirm it. 

After making the reservation, you must check in your pet 48 hours before the flight departure schedule.

 Does Copa Airlines allow dogs? 

Yes, Copa Airlines allows dogs, but per the Copa Airlines Pet Policy, you cannot carry a pet under 16 weeks old. According to the authority, only three pets per flight are allowed in the main cabin. On the other hand, only one pet per passenger is permitted. 

  • If you are a child under 11 or a minor traveling without any companion, you are not permitted to travel with the pet. 
  • Pets are not allowed on connecting flights with airlines other than copa airlines. 
  • Your dog should be harmless, odorless, properly secured in their container, and not need assistance during the entire flight. 

Does Copa allow pets in cargo?

Yes, Copa allows pets in cargo if your pet weighs more than 20 pounds. Inside cargo, the cats and dogs are pets. The airline only transports pets from Monday to Friday to ensure the animal does not stay in Quarantine during the weekend. 

  • The airline only accepts pets from 2 months old to a maximum of 11 years old. In exceptional scenarios, the customer needs to sign a document of responsibility. 
  • Airlines do not accept nor make interline operations for pets.

For further details regarding pet handling, you can contact Copa Airlines Customer Service at a toll-free number,1 802 304 5670 or 17868402672, to connect you with a professional who will resolve your issue entirely.