How can I tell if my American Airlines ticket is refundable?

When you have a booking at American Airlines that you may need to cancel, your first thought would be whether the ticket is refundable. It is important to have a refundable ticket in order to cancel the same to receive the refund on the same source of payment. Now, there are multiple ways present by which you can know if the ticket you have reserved with American Airlines is refundable or not. 

Following are the different ways of finding out if your American Airlines ticket is refundable: 

Review your ticket confirmation email

The confirmation email of your reserved ticket at American Airlines can easily let you know if the ticket is refundable or non-refundable. The confirmation email always consists of the ticket information, from the fare you have paid to the fare rules. So, open the purchaser’s email inbox and look for the email sent by American Airlines to review the ticket information. 

Check your booking on the website

One can access all the booking information directly on the American Airlines website and check the fare rules instantly. The booking can be accessed online with the below-provided instructions:

  • Go to the homepage of American Airlines in the browser,
  • Select the Manage Trips window and put the required information in the given columns,
  • By tapping the “Find Reservation” key, your booking will be accessed on the new page,
  • Next, you must navigate the Fare Rules sections,
  • Your ticket, whether refundable or non-refundable, will be mentioned in the section. 

Contact customer care

The officials available at American Airlines customer care can help you by providing you with the information for the bookings you have. So you can get through to one of the officials at customer care using this phone number: 1(800)-433-7300 or +1 80-2538-7008. As an official avails, you can ask if the ticket is refundable by sharing the reservation code and mentioning the name on the ticket. Within a moment, the official will let you know the answer. 

What are the refundable ticket policies at American Airlines?

The American Airlines Refund policy for the refundable flight tickets is as follows:

  • The ticket must been canceled under the cancelation frame at American Airlines to be eligible for a refund.
  • The refundable tickets canceled between the time frame of 24 hours and the time of reservation will be permitted for a full fare refund. 
  • Any ticket canceled after 24 hours of the reservation time will be applicable for the standard deduction from the fare.