How do I get a refund on American Airlines?

Not sure how to apply for a refund for the cancellation made with American Airlines! Want to get details on the refund policy and process associated with the airline? No need to worry anymore, as it is quite a simplified process, the specifications of which are given here for you to gain a better understanding. 

Specific attributes pertaining to American Airlines refund policy:

There are certain particular policies associated with American Airlines, which you must adhere to if you would like to initiate a refund with the airline. The pointers for the same are given here:

  • The airline follows a 24-hour refund policy. According to the same, you can get a full refund if the cancellation and subsequent refund are initiated within 24 hours of reservation. The only condition is that the booking should have been made at least 2 days before departure. 
  • Group bookings made with the airline are not eligible for the 24-hour refund policy given by American Airlines. 
  • The non-refundable ticket purchase made is only eligible for refund under the following conditions:
  • An incident of death has occurred to the passenger or the traveling companion.
  • There has been a summoning for military duties, as per the requirement. 
  • A flight schedule change of more than 4 hours has occurred, and you have chosen not to travel. 
  • For the basic economy fare ticket bought, you could get a travel credit after deducting the cancel fee as part of the refund requested. 

Important note: For all the claims made for refund, you should submit the supporting documents as proof. 

Details on American Airlines refund process:

There are different ways available to initiate a refund with American Airlines. The details for the same are given here to make an understanding of:

Making a refund request with American Airlines on call:

You can make the American Airlines refund request by calling the airline's customer support team. You can thus call  +1 80-2538-7008 or  800-433-7300, which will connect you to the airline's customer support team. Give in all the details of the cancellation that has been made for which the refund needs to be initiated. The team will assign a representative to help initiate the refund against the cancellation that has been made. The refund gets processed for credit card payments within 7 days. For cash or cheque payments, the refund is processed within 20 days from the date of receiving th refund request. 

Initiating the refund with the airline through the online portal:

It is possible to initiate the request from the American Airlines team through the official website. The methodology that can be followed for the same is given here:

  • Ruffle through the American Airlines official page. 
  • Search across the contents to find the Help icon. 
  • Check over the choices provided to choose the Receipts and Refund option. 
  • A new page would be displayed with information on the required refund. 
  • Click on the Request a Refund option provided by the airline. 
  • Enter the details of the Ticket Number and the Passenger's Last Name. 
  • The refund options will be shown for you to choose from.